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Sleeping mattress – what to pay attention to when choosing?

Published: 25.06.2024
Which sleeping mattress is best? What should you consider when choosing the right model? You will find answers to these questions in our article. When looking for a mattress for yourself, first of all, pay attention to its hardness and type of filling.
  • Appropriate mattress hardness guarantees comfortable sleep.                                                                         Each mattress has a specific degree of hardness according to a four-point scale from H1 to H4. Level H1 applies to very soft models, and H4 to very hard ones. Are you wondering what hardness is optimal for you? The general rule is simple – the more you weigh, the harder the mattress you need. Hard (H3) and very hard (H4) mattresses are recommended for people weighing over 100 kg.
  • The type of mattress filling also matters. You can choose from various types of mattresses, including: latex, spring and foam mattresses. A latex mattress will especially satisfy allergy sufferers due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. The spring mattress, thanks to its numerous springs, provides very stable support for the body. A foam mattress deforms slightly faster than a spring mattress, but it compensates for this with the filling, to which coconut fibers are often added to absorb moisture or sheep wool to improve blood circulation.
  • The mattress is not everything! How else to ensure comfortable sleep? The right mattress is crucial for the quality of sleep, but even the best spring, foam or latex mattress is not always enough. Learn additional ways to get healthy sleep that will allow your body to fully regenerate:Sleep times should be constant. Give up napping during the day. Set the optimal temperature in the bedroom for the night: 18 – 22° C. Air the room before going to bed. Before going to bed, give yourself time to calm down, e.g. listening to relaxing music. We hope you find our tips useful. Have a good night!

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