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The DAST collection is characterized by lightness and elegance. All thanks to the geometric form and interesting, vertical LED illumination in the recesses, perfectly matching the delicate beige and contrasted with black metal legs. This creates unlimited arrangement possibilities. This combination will brighten up any living room and optically enlarge it. The furniture has a push-to-open door opening system.

Product info:

  • made of high quality MDF, laminated with a thickness of 16mm
  • edges finished with ecological ABS panels which increases the strength of the furniture
  • touch-to-open opening
  • handless system
  • ball bearing drawer slides
  • black metal legs
  • packed flat
  • self-assembly
  • LED lights are optional

Colours available: Beige

Dast Item
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Type Dimensions Price
Dast Chest of drawers A 2d2s  H123 / W103 / D40 CM  €325
Dast Chest of drawers B 3d2s  H81 / W153 / D40 CM  €325
Dast Sideboard C 153  H81 / W153 / D40 CM  €299
Dast Chest of drawers D 2d1s  H81 / W103 / D40 CM  €239
Dast Sideboard E 203 4D  H81  /W203 / D40 CM  €355
Dast rtv unit 203  H53  /W203 / D40 CM  €255
Dast rtv unit 153  H53 / W153 / D40 CM  €205
Dast Coffee table  H44 / W97 / L60 CM  €199
Dast Item

Chest of drawers A 2D2S, Chest of drawers A 2D2S + LED, Chest of drawers B 153 3d2s, Chest of drawers B 153 3d2s + LED, Chest of drawers D 103 2D1S, Chest of drawers D 103 2D1S + LED, Coffee Table, rtv unit 153, rtv unit 153 + LED, rtv unit 203, rtv unit 203 + LED, Sideboard C 153 3D, Sideboard C 153 3D + LED, Sideboard E 203 4D, Sideboard E 203 4D + LED


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