romero system furniture


Quick Overview

Wall unit Romero gives you an option to choose what you need. Select parts from: chests of drawers, bookstands, cabinets, TV stands and shelves that will best fit in your living room. This is a practical system that combines traditional, classic design with expressive colours ensuring an interesting visual effect.

We provide a wide selection of choices for you to mix and match, giving you the best options available, to suit every room in your home.

Colours available:


Product Information:

  • Made of high quality particle board
  • Packed flat
  • Self-assembly


Dimensions & Price List:

Type Dimensions Price
 R1 L/R1 R  H193 / W80 / D58 CM  €259
 R2 L/R2 R  H193 / W50 / D46 CM  €229
 R3 L/R3 R  H51 / W120 / D46 CM  €165
 R4  H51 / W120 / D46 CM
 R5  H175 / W35 / D32 CM  €89
 R6  H175 / W35 / D32 CM  €115
 R7 L/R7 R  H114 / W130 / D46 CM  €339
 R8  H12 / W60 / D20 CM  €35
 R9  H12 / W120 / D20 CM



Type Dimensions Price
 R10  H55 / W120 / D25 CM  €95
 R11 L/R11 R  H38 / W120 / D31 CM  €115
 R12  H55 / W70 / L120 CM  €109
 R13  H55 / W120 / D31 CM  €85
 R14 L/R14 R  H87 / W80 / D46 CM  €215
 R15  H79 / W120 / D50 CM
 R16 L/R16 R  H87 / W80 / D46 CM
 R17 L/R17 R  H193 / W50 / D58 CM  €225
 R18  H190 / W64 / D64 CM

Element R7 also available with Led Lights + €59

Element R2 also available with Led Lights + €65