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Spatial fronts, a natural grain décor, LED lighting and black frames that also act as supports – you really do not need anything more.
The modular nature of QUANT furniture makes it easy to equip a mini living room as well.

Product Information:

  • Made of high quality particle board
  • Packed flat
  • Self-assembly
  • Arrangement photos are for illustration only, the price of the furniture does not include its equipment
  • Led lights panels are included, optional Led lights for backwall for elements: QA03, QA04
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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″] Dimensions & Price List:
Type Dimensions Price
QA01 H195 / W95 / D50 [CM] €459
QA02 H195 / W60 / D41 [CM] €389
QA03 H195 / W76 / D41 [CM]  €390
QA03 + backwall led H195 / W76 / D41 [CM]  €449
QA04 H55 / W155 / D41 [CM]  €299
QA05 H26 / W155 / D25 [CM]  €159
QA06 H140 / W110 / D41 [CM]  €399
QA06 + backwall led H140 / W110 / D41 [CM]  €448
[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″] Dimensions & Price List:
Type Dimensions Price
QA07 H140 / W60 / D41 [CM]  €299
QA08 H90 / W130 / D41 [CM]  €449
QA09 H55 / W100 / D70 [CM]  €249
QA10 H80 / W146-186 / D84 [CM]  €399
Additional Back wall led lights available for: QA03 for additional +€59 per unit QA06 for additional +€49 per unit
Quant Item

QA01, QA02, QA03, QA03 + back wall lighting, QA04, QA05, QA06, QA06 + back wall lighting, QA07, QA08, QA09, QA10


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