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Product Information:

  • High resilience foam (HR) on both sides 3 cm
  • Pocket springs 262 pcs/m²
  • 7 zones of comfort
  • Thickness about 19 cm


Mattress Size
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Type Dimensions Price
SINGLE H19 / W90 / L200 CM €399
SMALL DOUBLE H19 / W120 / L200 CM €439
DOUBLE H19 / W140 / L200 CM €489
KING H19 / W160 / L200 CM €529
SUPER KING H19 / W180 / L200 CM €569
QUEEN H19 / W200 / L200 CM €609
  • Double sided, firm Pocket Spring mattress, with high resilience foam (HR) and 7 zones of comfort
  • We recommend PREZZO FORTE for the most demanding clients who expect extreme durability and comfort of sleep from the mattress. PREZZO FORTE will be ideal for plus-sized people who prefer mattresses of increased elasticity, resilience and airiness.
  • PREZZO FORTE belongs to the most traditional and popular group of spring mattresses. The base of this mattress consists of springs placed in ‘pockets’ made from elastic and durable fabric. Each spring works individually, which raises its point elasticity. Point elastic mattresses compress only in small areas, not affecting the area beside it. This particular feature of this mattress translates into a better ability to form a pressure relieving cradle that forms itself to the exact profile of your body.  It ensures the right position of your spine and ideal support for your lumbar area during your night’s rest so it means that it has orthopedic properties.
  • High elasticity is also very important in case of double beds where you share your sleeping area with your spouse. It definitely reduces disturbances of a fidgety partner, so your sleep remains undisturbed and healthy so you get up refreshed and full of energy. 7 zones of comfort used in this mattress means that in some places, where your body needs special attention and care, the mattress is even more comfortable, which makes it even more proper for health reasons.
  • PREZZO FORTE mattress’ comfort is increased by using best quality foam called High Resilience foam (HR) on both sides of the mattress as a comfort layer. Thanks to its dense structure it is incredibly durable and elastic, which makes it great at supporting the body and it is very impact resistant (springy and elastic), which gives us a feeling of firmness with perfect adjusting to the body contours at the same time and airiness which increases ventilation of the whole mattress making it more hygienic.
Mattress Size

90×200 (Single), 120×200 (Small Double), 140×200 (Double), 160×200 (King), 180×200 (Super King), 200×200 (Queen)


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