luigi system furniture


Quick Overview

The simplicity and linearity make the living room cosy, it has no claim to who live there. In fact, flats break and merge, neat, clean, delicate lights do not glance off but shroud. Thanks to Luigi, in the living room comes a sensation of tranquillity, made of brown and cream tones.

We provide a wide selection of choices for you to mix and match, giving you the best options available, to suit every room in your home.

Product information:

  • made of high quality particle board, laminated with a thickness of 16mm
  • edges finished with PVC panels which increases the strength of the furniture
  • spectacular addition are also illuminated glass shelves
  • packed flat
  • self-assembly

Colour: Country Honey / Jasmine Gloss


Estimated Delivery Date


Dimensions & Price List:

Type Dimensions Price
 LWG55  H135 / W55 / D37 CM  €149
 LS103  H38 / W63 / L103 CM  €69
 LRTV180 + P125  H34 / W180 / D45 + H30 / W125 / D22 CM  €149
 LRTV125 + P125  H34 / W125 / D45 + H30 / W125 / D22 CM  €129
 LWD55  H137 / W55 / D37 CM  €149
 LW70  H204 / W70 / D37 CM  €219
 LKW165  H105 / W165 / D37 CM  €269